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TRANSITIONAL CARE MANAGEMENT provides comprehensive consultative and management services that enhance patient satisfaction, reduce cost and improve outcomes.

TCM helps Healthcare Centers and Nursing Homes create positive, comfortable and nurturing environments that provide a combination of short- and long-term rehabilitation therapy and skilled nursing care. 

Comprehensive Assessment and Recommendations

TCM provides an assessment of the healthcare center’s overall operations, including analysis and recommendations of the following critical success indicators:

  • financial management
  • strategic marketing
  • reimbursement strategy
  • workforce management
  • customer service
  • clinical expertise
  • regulatory management and
  • physical plant optimization.

Based on the results of the assessment, TCM consults with Healthcare Centers and Nursing Homes on key focal areas or serves as the organization’s overall management company.

Specializing in Turn-Arounds

Transitional Care Management specializes in turning around stand-alone, underperforming skilled nursing centers and creating significant shareholder value.

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