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Reduced Hospital Re-admissions


How does the hospital’s current SNF integrate with its future strategy?


questionconvoiconIs it time to reconsider re-opening the skilled unit that was once thought to no longer complimented acute care operations?


Are there challenging diagnoses that your hospital’s SNF partners are still having difficulty managing?


questionconvoiconCould you manage these diagnoses more effectively inside the hospital campus as part of a refined SNF strategy?

Re-thinking the Way We Do Healthcare

Within the context of, and in alignment with, the organization’s overall strategic vision, TCM helps hospitals analyze and create their comprehensive skilled nursing strategy and manage their post acute operations.

Holistic Assessment and Recommendations

TCM provides an overall assessment of the healthcare center’s overall operations, including analysis and recommendations of the following critical success indicators:

  • financial management
  • strategic marketing
  • reimbursement strategy
  • workforce management
  • clinical expertise
  • regulatory management and
  • physical plant.

Based on the results of the assessment, TCM consults with hospital-based skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers on key focal areas or provides overall management services.